The HEAL Data Stewardship Group is working across the HEAL Data Community to provide solutions for managing and coordinating the diverse data across The Helping to End Addiction Long-Term Initiative℠, or NIH HEAL Initiative℠. This site serves as a space for HEAL Investigators to:


Resources, best practices, guides, and data analysis and visualization tools offer the HEAL Data Community the chance to discover how to make data FAIR and enable novel discovery.


HEAL investigators, data generators, and processors can connect with the HEAL Stewards and Platform teams through consultancy, event programming, and other opportunities.


Through collective activities, the HEAL Data Community will build support systems for strong data management and governance.


Join us for our next webinar on Nov. 18!

Metadata 101: Adding Value to HEAL Data

Properly preparing study data for use and re-use is the key to maximizing its potential value and impacts for diverse audiences. This third webinar in our Fresh FAIR series introduces the topic of metadata, a core focus for ensuring data is accessible for computation and further research. Metadata - or put simply “data about data” - increases the value of HEAL data for the research community by ensuring that data is findable and accessible for reuse.

REGISTER NOW to join John Cheadle of the HEAL Data Stewardship Group as he leads a brief introductory session about metadata and its use, which will be followed by a conversation with two HEAL Investigators currently utilizing metadata in their daily work.


Resources coming soon!

The Data Stewards are here to help with data management and making data FAIR. We understand that each study has unique needs and is at different stages of conducting investigation. We will be publishing a series of general recommendations this Fall that are intended to provide support to HEAL studies as they move through their own data lifecycle.